Kathmandu School of Law

Suryabinayak-4, Bhaktapur, Nepal

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Kathmandu School of Law, established in 2000 AD as a community-based, non-profit academic institution is an only institution to impart pragmatic and community responsive legal education in the country. In a very brief period of time, it has been able to emerge as a pioneering legal educational institution in the country. With the introduction of clinical and community outreach settings in the curricula and research-based teaching methodology, KSL marks a departure from the traditional paradigm of teaching law. The insulated paradigm of teaching is fully eliminated in KSL. Faculties are trained on modern methods of teaching. KSL is always committed to serve aspiration of students and scholars with diverse backgrounds by providing a quality and competent education. Its mission is to provide a high-quality teaching and learning environment designed to meet the educational and vocational needs of its members and make the institute a centre of excellence in research and academic arena.

KSL activities are highly based on profound academic approaches, effective learning, innovative practices and substantial research. Realizing nation building as major responsibility of legal professionals, KSL inspire our students to work for the nation and develop them in materializing the nation building process. The school’s vision includes the transformation of the society into a functional democracy through placing value on the rule of law, human rights and good governance. The vision has been materialized with the help of research-based and community centered teaching activities, learning environment designed with the involvement of national and international experts.

KSL is dedicated to provide enlightenment to the legal professional and to foster an accessible, fair, and reliable system of justice. Students involve in various kinds of research and writings on substantive topics in law and science. This help to boost up the scholarly endeavors of the students and allow them to share their work with the entire community.


Center of Excellence for Legal Education in Nepal


To achieve excellence in research and academic scholarships in the field of law and justice and to reflect this in high - quality teaching and learning programs designed to meet the educational and vocational needs of its members.